Vertical Standing Seam Insulation Fabrication

Vertical tank insulation is used to reduce cooling and heating costs for chemicals, oil, gas, ammonia, asphalt, brewery, and food products. Tank vertical standing seam insulation is preferred over horizontal tank panels because of their reliability, ease of installation and transport, and overall lower ownership costs.

Vertical Tank Insulation Fabrication

TufSeam™ brand insulation systems is Insultherm’s patented vertical standing seam insulation. It is the most advanced insulation panel system available for tanks and vessels on the market. We understand that not all storage tanks are created equal, which is why we offer custom TufSeam™ brand insulation systems storage tank insulation fabrication in our LaPorte, TX manufacturing facility.

Custom-fit and Flexible for Expansion/Contraction

We start with an on-site visit to determine the unique needs of your storage system. Then, our vertical insulation panels are fabricated with the right insulation materials in lengths to fit your tank height.

Your unique panels are then shipped to the jobsite ready for installation. These custom-engineered vertical standing seam insulation panels perfectly fit your specific tank height, assuring a precise fit for maximum efficiency and ease of installation. Our internal anchor system uses horizontal cables that are easily applied to the circumference of the tank.

The internal anchor and double-rolled seams work together to accommodate expansion and contraction of the tank. As a result, the panels are held securely against the tank regardless of thermal expansion and contraction.

High-performing and Durable

The double-rolled vertical seam provides a weatherproof seal between insulation panels. You need to accommodate and pass API 653 Tank Inspections, so it’s important that no penetrations are made to the outer shell. TufSeam™ brand insulation systems vertical standing seam panels don’t require rivets and screws for anchoring and can withstand hurricane-force winds.