About Insultherm

Insultherm is a family owned manufacturing and installation contractor dedicated to the process and energy industries. We design, manufacture, fabricate and install the most advanced and durable tank and vessel insulation systems in the world.

We have been serving the tank and vessel insulation market since 1984. All our patented TufSeamâ„¢ brand insulation systems are manufactured in our 150,000 ft2 LaPorte, TX manufacturing facility.

Why Are We Better than the Next Guy?

We maintain a highly skilled and trained workforce that is well-versed in the installation of our insulation panels and working inside of the largest industrial facilities in the world. Additionally, our sales staff can help specify the right insulation for the proposed application.

The innovative and adaptive nature of Insultherm’s products and people provide the opportunity for us to better construct an insulation system that best serves you, the client. This consultative approach means that we are a solutions provider, and not a mere service provider.

Insultherm invented and held the first patent on the vertical standing seam insulation system in 1986. The acceptance of vertical standing seam insulation singlehandedly raised the insulation standard around the world.

We are the premier inventor of several Patented Standing Seam systems that range from regular storage tanks to process units like Insulated Coke Drum Units (U.S. Patent No. 10,323,190).

Markets Served

Insultherm provides insulation systems for the storage of chemicals, oil, gas, ammonia, asphalt, brewery products, and food products. In addition, our insulation systems can be applied to electricity plants, nuclear power plants, and marine applications.