Spherical Vessel Insulation Systems

Few insulation systems are suited to handle the insulation of spherical vessels. The TufSeam™ brand insulation systems goes well beyond adequate. Our TufSeam™ brand insulation systems custom designed insulation panel systems are compatible with spherical vessel insulation applications.

Our insulation panel systems are manufactured with a range of insulation materials. This allows us to design an insulation system that is ideally suited for your spherical tank insulation requirements. Regardless of your operating conditions, Insultherm can provide you with the ideal spherical vessel insulation solution.

Hot Spherical Vessel Insulation

Spherical tanks are frequently used to store high temperature gases and liquids. Spheres have less exterior surface area per their contained volume than other tank shapes, which make them highly conducive to high thermal energy storage.

Insulating for heat retention can be critical to plant operation in many cases. TufSeam™ brand insulation systems are an optimal solution for your spherical tank insulation needs. By combining different insulation materials for heat retention with our support straps, stainless steel cables, and stainless steel jacketing, your hot spherical vessel insulation system can perform at peak efficiency.

Cold Spherical Vessel Insulation

This makes them highly suitable for avoiding thermal conduction from their surrounding atmosphere.

Insulating against heat conduction is essential to plant operation. TufSeam™ brand insulation systems are a highly reliable solution to your spherical vessel insulation needs. We combine different insulation materials and/or vapor barriers for heat retention with our stainless steel cables, support rings, and stainless steel jacketing, your cold spherical vessel insulation system can avoid heat conduction and keep your process fluids cool.

Spherical Vessel Insulation Components

The basic setup of the insulation system for spherical vessels includes:

  • Top and bottom support cables that are secured using compression sleeves
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Top formed support ring (typical at bottom of sphere)
  • Stainless steel jacketing

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