Storage Tank Insulation Systems

Industrial tank insulation is frequently used to reduce energy costs related to the cooling or heating of chemicals, oil, gas, ammonia, asphalt, brewery products, and food products. Vertical standing seam tank insulation is typically preferred to horizontal insulated tank panels due to their ease of installation and transport, reliability, and overall lower ownership costs.

Vertical Tank Insulation Systems

TufSeam™ brand insulation systems is our patented vertical standing seam insulation. It is the most advanced tank and vessel insulation panel system available on the market. Our TufSeam™ brand storage tank insulation systems are pre-fabricated in our LaPorte, Texas manufacturing facility to meet the highest quality control standards.

Our TufSeam™ brand insulation systems provide long-term, maintenance-free thermal control, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in heating/cooling costs.

Custom-fit and Suited to Expansion/Contraction

The vertical insulation panels are manufactured in lengths to fit your tank height and are shipped to the jobsite ready for installation- no scaffolding needed. TufSeam™ brand insulation panels are custom engineered for your specific tank height, assuring a precise fit for maximum efficiency and ease of installation. Our internal anchor system uses horizontal cables that are easily applied to the circumference of the tank.

The internal anchor and double-rolled seams work together to accommodate expansion and contraction of the tank. As a result, the panels are held securely against the tank regardless of thermal expansion and contraction.

Durable and High-performing

The double-rolled seam provides a tough weatherproof seal between storage tank insulation panels. As a leading standing seam tank insulation manufacturer, it’s important to us that no penetrations are made to the outer shell. For that reason, the TufSeam™ brand insulation systems insulation panels don’t require rivets and screws for anchoring. TufSeam™ brand insulation systems is designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Hot Storage Tank Insulation

The combination of outer shell and thermally efficient insulation deliver excellent in-place thermal performance. The TufSeam™ brand insulation systems offer you a choice depending on the type of project and insulation requirements. Tank insulation options include Aerogel ™, Fiberglass, Polyisocyanurate, Composite, Mineral Wool and Foamglas®.

Because condensation is not typically present, hot tank insulation systems do not require a vapor barrier. Therefore, the horizontal pre-tensioned stainless steel cables are applied directly against the tank wall and stainless steel band fasteners are looped around the cables and rolled into the standing seam.

Cold Storage Tank Insulation

Cold insulation regardless of temperature will require some type of vapor barrier to mitigate the risk of moisture collection from condensation. Our cold tank insulation systems use an inner layer of insulation, a vapor barrier, and a metal insulation panel with jacketing. The stainless steel cable is placed on the outside of the inner layer/vapor barrier.

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tank Insulation

TES systems are designed to reduce costs on industrial heating and cooling needs. By storing chilled or hot water outside of peak energy cost time periods and using it during peak hours to reduce cooling or heating costs.

As you can imagine, tank insulation systems are critical to the successful execution of a thermal energy storage strategy. Because of the thermal performance of the TufSeam™ brand tank vertical standing seam insulation, we can help your TES systems maintain optimal cost-performance.