Removable Pipe Insulation Blankets

Removable insulation blankets help you reduce energy costs, safeguard workers, maintain temperatures and even reduce process noise. In addition to our pipe insulation blankets being reusable, our fast fabrication turnaround saves you time and money.

We provide on-site equipment measurement for a custom removable insulation blanket, then return to perform a professional installation so you can rest assured that your removable insulation cover fits.

We offer various insulation materials to meet the temperature ratings laid out in the specifications. Thus, our removable insulation pads are an easy and cost effective insulation solution that allow access to important parts and components of your storage tanks and piping.

Silicone Coated Cloth Insulation

Silicone coated cloth is a fiberglass fabric coated with silver silicone rubber. It has high resistance to heat, abrasion, flexing tears and punctures. Applications include removable insulation pads, protective flange shields and equipment covers, welding curtains and expansion joints.

Benefits of Custom Removable Insulation Blankets

Permanent pipe insulation and coverings may seem like a no-brainer for retaining heat or preventing thermal conduction in cold storage. However, this insulation is frequently damaged through normal use or removed during API 570 pipe inspections.


Custom fabricated removable blanket insulation can be fitted to several pipe components. Whether you need to insulate steam traps, unions, gate or globe valves, or flanges, pipe blankets can be fitted to your unique applications.

Cost Efficient

Storage tank insulation systems are a standard in the industry today, but a surprisingly high amount of heat is lost during entry to tank, tank to tank, or tank to exit transfers. Pipe insulation blankets help retain heat (or insulate against heat transfer in cold process applications) and keep energy costs low.


Servicing your pipe installations is difficult enough without having to remove insulation. Removable and reusable insulation blankets make it more convenient to service hard-to-reach piping, avoiding one more headache in your industrial process.