Coke Drum Insulation

Advanced Coke Drum Insulation Installation System

TufSeamâ„¢ brand insulation systems is the most advanced coke drum insulation panel system. ( U.S. Patent No. 10,323,190 ). Our system provides long-term maintenance-free thermal control. Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to replace the system due to fastener failure, water intrusion and drum damage from expansion restriction or cold spots.

Each system is pre-fabricated in our Texas-based factory to meet the highest quality control standards. TufSeamâ„¢ brand insulation systems is custom engineered for your specific drum size and structure restrictions.

Benefits and Features

The stainless outer shell combined with a standing seam provides a weatherproof, durable, maintenance-free coke drum insulation which allows for thermal expansion and contraction. The internal floating ring holds the system off the drum which allows for drum movement without damaging the insulation.

The screw attachment to the floating ring or support cage and the single folded standing seam allows the panel removal / replacement during weld seam inspection. The panels are engineered for easy handling and thermal movement.

Stainless steel jacketing with standing seams allows coke dust to be washed off of drums without compromising the efficiency of the insulation system.

U.S. Patent No. 10,323,190
U.S. Patent No. 10,323,190

Coke Drum Insulation Application Considerations

Our insulation system is engineered for long term coke drum insulation (U.S. Patent No. 10,323,190). The system can be installed on existing drums on a turn-around basis, or on a totally new drum. The floating rings can be designed for installation on welded clips or non-welded “Bird-Cage” straps. Either system will ensure a long term efficient insulation system which will allow inspection of at risk weld seams on the vessel. U.S Patent 10,323,190; other patents pending.

Turn-Around Installation

Because the system is pre-designed and fabricated, it enables easy and rapid installation of panel modules. With each panel individually attached to the floating ring, a single panel or complete row can be removed and replaced without disrupting the rest of the drum’s panels after an In-service Weld Inspection.

Coke Drum Insulation Body

The sidewall panel length is engineered to allow for vertical drum expansion, ease of handling in installation, and ease of inspection of weld seams. The floating support ring or support cage allows the drum to expand horizontally and not affect insulation system. The sidewalls have a single folded seam which ensures a dry system during driving rain.

Coke Drum Head Insulation

The head is installed with a prefabricated multiple layered insulation module encased in stainless steel foil and hex mesh. This is covered with a stainless steel standing seam jacket. This prevents water intrusion that could otherwise cause cold spots and warping.

Coke Drum Cone Insulation and Hot Box

To prevent steam intrusion, the system is jacketed in .020 inch thick stainless steel with double folded standing seams. The head and cone have double folded standing seams which keeps the high pressure water on the head and steam cloud on the cone from entering the system and corroding the drum.

The insulated coke drum systems described herein, and the insulation systems themselves, are the subject of U.S. Patent No. 10,323,190, assigned to Insultherm Inc., La Porte, Texas. No use of the information herein or in the patents is authorized without the express written consent of Insultherm Inc. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.